Layby/Payment Options

Want to Lay-By your Investment Art/s?

We are able to provide a lay-by service for those who are unable to make a single direct purchase on an investment art piece/s but would like to have the option of spreading the cost over a lay-by period of up to twelve (12) weeks.

Please see below for our Lay-By Terms before proceeding:

Lay-By Terms

  • 30% Deposit is required for all item/s on lay-by at the commencement date of the lay-by.
  • Lay-by payment must be made in equal instalments either weekly or fortnightly via PayPal or Direct Bank deposit only, we do not accept money order, bank or personal cheques with lay-by's.
  • Finalised lay-by item/s cannot be collected at our address, regardless of where you live, we will despatch all purchased item/s via Australia Post or Toll once final payment for the lay-by item/s has been processed in either PayPal or our Bank Account.
  • All fortfeited or cancelled lay-by item/s will incur a storage and administration fee equal to 30% of the total value of lay-by item/s. Monies owing will be refunded less the storage and administration fees.
  • Lay-by's that are not finalised by the due date will be returned to stock, we will issue two (2) lay-by arrears notices to you via email only, if payment for a lay-by art work/s is not received by seven (7) days after the due date, we will return the lay-by art work/s to stock for re-sale and any monies paid will not be refunded.

Lay-By Periods: 

Value of art work/s: Period of lay-by:
Less than $500.00 No lay-by available - full payment is required
$501.00 - $1500.00 Four (4) weeks maximum
$1501.00 - $5000.00 Eight (8) weeks maximum
$5001.00 plus Twelve (12) weeks maximum

 Payment Disclaimer:

Once full payment is made for an art work, please ensure you are 100% sure the artwork you have chosen is the one you want to purchase, once full payment is made and a receipt is issued, there will be no refund of monies paid and no returns. The Canvas Art Gallery owners will not be made liable for any judgement made against us for your purchase of one or more of the artworks displayed for sale on our website, namely, or any of our affiliate business partners, arising from your decision to purchase art from us.

Other Payment Options: Please email us if you wish to pay by Online Bank Funds Transfer, Bank Cheque or Australia Post Money Order.  We do not accept International Money Orders or Personal Cheques.  Please allow up to ten (10) working days for clearance of funds before we process & deliver your order. Email:

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